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These are FAQ’s that we commonly get. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us.

CoolSculpting and Elite Freeze FAQ

FAQ:  What is Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting?

Answer: Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting is a combination of two FDA cleared technologies. One is used to freeze the fat while the other is used to smooth and tighten the skin. One has a cool sensation while the other has a warm sensation and together they allow for faster results.


FAQ:  Why would someone choose Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting any other services?

Answer:  Studies at Harvard show that with Coolsculpting,  you’ll get a 25% reduction. Coolsculpting is a body contouring treatment that freezes away stubborn fat.  Skin tightening technology helps to reduce the dead fat cells faster while opening the lymphatic system. Both Coolsculpting and skin tightening are non-invasive technologies. People in today’s world want something that is quick and convenient with zero to no downtime with minimal to no discomfort. The procedure can be done on a lunch hour which makes it convenient for the patient. Our rooms are set up with flat screen tv’s and we offer free wi-fi , making the experience enjoyable.


FAQ:  What is the difference between Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting and other similar procedures?

Answer: Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting includes TWO FDA cleared technologies, one which includes the only non-invasive technology that has permanent fat cell reduction. No anesthesia and no downtime. Other similar procedures will allow for a temporary result and will require maintenance. Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting is great for those who want a natural result that is non-surgical and non-invasive.


FAQ:  What is the process of Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting?

Answer:  The day of treatment we ask that the patient arrive in comfortable clothing. We provide a comfortable and relaxing room so that you may have a pleasant experience.  Coolsculpting  works by pulling your fat bulge into a device that has two cooling plates. The fat is is held by a strong vacuum. The cooling plates are activated to the specific temperatures at which the fat cells are vulnerable and die. During this time, no harm is done to your skin, nerves, blood vessels, etc. Skin tightening is done by using high frequency sound waves to generate localized heat beneath the surface of the skin.  Skin tightening will allow additional loss at a more rapid pace, giving you the Elite Freeze® Coolsculpting result.  Patients may return to normal activity after the procedure. We advise patients to drink plenty of fluids along with 30-45 minutes of exercise to help achieve results.

We want our patients to enjoy their time with us and have a wonderful experience. Patients will be happy to know that they may come in during their lunch hour and have a procedure that requires no downtime so they may resume normal activity.