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CoolSculpting Lafayette

The doctors at Elite Freeze® are proud to bring their latest in weight loss technology, CoolSculpting, to Lafayette. Being one of the fastest and easiest ways to lose unwanted fat , residents of Lafayette love the technique’s simplicity, effectiveness, and convenience.

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Lafayette is a city with a reputation for excellent education, and with a population of more that 20,000 its residents are extremely busy people. Luckily, CoolSculpting is a quick procedure that takes less time than many standard and more-risky weight loss techniques. Since it’s non-invasive CoolSculpting requires no surgery and leaves no scarring. Thanks to the lack of surgery, recovery time for most patients is only a mere 30 minutes as opposed to days or hours. This makes it one of the fastest and safest techniques to get your body in the shape you need.

CoolSculpting works by freezing the fat cells within fat deposits, while leaving all other parts of the body untouched. Once the fat cells are frozen, the body removes the cells naturally. This makes the fat deposits shrink until they’re gone, leaving you with a better body. The technique requires no cutting, or surgery of any sort which makes CoolSculpting safer and easier than other weight loss techniques. Plus, once the procedure is done, there’s no more effort required on your part! You can go about your daily routine and know that CoolSculpting has helped your body shape itself.

Elite Freeze® is staffed by medical professionals who have turned CoolSculpting into an art. With their collective knowledge, they’ve used CoolSculpting to its fullest potential and have helped many residents in Lafayette achieve the body they need. The doctors at Elite Freeze® are looking to help more people in Lafayette learn how CoolSculpting can help them get the body they deserve, so don’t hesitate to call in for a consultation today! A slimmer body is just around the corner, and Elite Freeze® wants to help you get to it.