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Oakland is an incredible city with diversity, art, music and much more. Oakland has the busiest port in San Francisco bay with almost 400,000 people of all ethnicities. It’s a major hub for what is known as the East Bay. Lately, the city is opening a new pedestrian plaza at Latham Square with an opening celebration August 16, 2013.

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CoolSculpting Oakland provider Elite Freeze® is located in Danville, California. CoolSculpting patients will experience easy access and stress free environment.  Most people who live in Oakland are very careful of what they choose and respect the CoolSculpting procedure because it is non-invasive. Because of the great reputation for Elite Freeze®, the award winning and board certified doctors, and precision like execution of the treatments they perform, Oakland residents and visitors have been coming ever since the doors opened.

Why is CoolSculpting the coolest procedure around?

CoolSculpting is a new FDA approved procedure. The procedure literally freezes your fat away. First of all, it is non-invasive. Secondly, it requires no anesthesia, and finally, patients have no post-procedure down time.

For those who need to lose those annoying bulges and bumps of stubborn fat, this procedure is a fantastic way of doing so. By identifying and then reducing the temperature of fat cells, the fat cells die. Subsequently, your body takes care of the removal naturally!  There’s no need for concern about the other tissues, since they are more durable, and only the dead cells are removed. Do you need to go with any other fat-loss procedure? We don’t think so. Choose CoolSculpting! Oakland visitors and residents agree that it’s the way to go!

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